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We Are Here For - Agency, Agent & Candidates. Take advantage of the wide range of work opportunities there! Take advantage of the chance for growth and success in your country, from technology to healthcare.


We Are Here For - Agency, Agent & Candidates. Travel to a country full of opportunities! Accept expansion in industries like finance and textiles, and do your part to advance your nation.


We Are Here For - Agency, Agent & Candidates. Develop your career there! Take advantage of chances in hospitality, tourism, and other areas to contribute to the advancement of your nation.


We Are Here For - Agency, Agent & Candidates. Encourage the entrepreneurial spirit there! Explore booming industries like IT and agriculture and contribute to creating a better future.

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Creating Dreams, Opening Doors:

Over 700,000 Placements That Work our quest for greatness at Globe ‘N’ Globe foreign Manpower Consultants began in 2005, and since then, we have been committed to changing lives by giving job seekers from India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh access to unmatched foreign employment prospects. Our agency, which has more than 18 years of experience, has become a reputable name in the field, enabling people to investigate and land promising careers in nations like Singapore, Malaysia, Gulf states, Canada, United States, Myanmar, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Mauritius, Australia, and Fiji.

An Empowerment Legacy:

Our journey towards empowerment began with a straightforward goal: to close the talent gap between prospective employees looking for worldwide job opportunities and global companies. Over the years, we have established a legacy of empowerment for more than 700,000 people thanks to our dedication to openness, honesty, and ethical behaviour.

At Globe ‘N’ Globe, we consider employment to be more than just a means of support; it’s also a chance to realise goals, have an effect, and forge a better future. With this conviction at our heart, we have worked tirelessly to offer applicants in a range of industries worthwhile and transformative job possibilities.

One placement at a time, empowering lives:

We have assisted individuals in being successfully placed across a variety of industries, including engineering, information technology, healthcare, hospitality, and more because to our unwavering pursuit of quality. Each placement signifies not only a job but also a chance for our candidates and their families to change their lives.

We have helped people at every step of their career journey, from talented professionals looking to enhance their professions to ambitious grads eager to explore global opportunities. Our skilled team of professionals puts forth great effort to match each candidate with the employers and opportunities that best suit their individual needs and objectives.

Opening Up Opportunities Abroad:

Our dedication to professionalism and respect to industry laws have been crucial to our success as a government-approved overseas recruitment firm. Our trustworthiness and commitment to upholding the highest standards of service are demonstrated by our “Licence No: B/0524/KER/PART/1000+/10/8639/2010”.

Candidates from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan have been able to access chances abroad because to our extensive network of renowned businesses in numerous nations. We have fulfilled innumerable aspirations and helped to mould prosperous careers on a global scale through our unceasing efforts and committed services.

Enhancing Lives and Maintaining Trust:

We at Globe ‘N’ Globe appreciate the faith and confidence our applicants have in us. We give privacy and confidentiality a high priority while managing personal information in order to uphold this trust. Our Privacy Policy guarantees that any information provided with us is secure and used only to help people find jobs and get visas.

Our FAQ section answers typical questions and worries of job seekers since we believe in openness and transparent communication. We enable applicants to make wise decisions and confidently begin their international career journeys by offering thorough insights and guidance.

A Life-Changing Experience:

Finding work overseas is not just a transaction for any of the candidates we work with; rather, it is a life-changing event. Our staff takes great pride in assisting candidates through the application process, assisting them in interview preparation, and offering knowledgeable guidance on visa regulations.

Additionally, our services go beyond finding employment. Even when candidates land their dream employment, we continue to support them. Our dedication to the success and wellbeing of candidates is reflected in our distinctive service charge structure. We only charge 25% of the monthly salary for the first three months following placement, enabling individuals to confidently pursue their professions around the world without worry about money.

A Pathway to Excellence:

We anticipate a future with even more fruitful employment chances, life-changing encounters, and realised objectives as we carry on empowering dreams and bridging opportunities. As we anticipate assisting many more people on their path to success, our dedication to excellence and individualised services does not falter.

Discover the universe of opportunity waiting for you when you join Globe ‘N’ Globe Overseas Manpower Consultants. Let us be your dependable partner as you develop a fulfilling and promising international career. Together, one placement at a time, we will turn dreams into successes.

Our Old Office’s at –
 1- Kochi, 2 – Kerala,
 3- Chennai, 4- Delhi,
5 – Banglore &
6 – Lucknow
Now Closed (Note :- Soon we are going to open our 1 Office One Of Them)

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  1. Sankaranarayanan

    Dear sir,
    I Sankaranarayanan. Now I am living with family in Cochin. I looking abroad unskilled Job. I have Completed Diploma Fire and Safety on 2010bafter I join the work then I completed Diploma in Mechanical through distance mode. Now I looking General labour Job in abroad not middle East. I have speaking,understanding,writing in English.

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