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The following steps are involved in the CV/Calling Interview Selection Process at “Globe N Globe Overseas Manpower Consultants”:

1. CV Submission: Candidates send their CVs or resumes, emphasising their qualifications and work history that relate to the position they are seeking.

2. Initial screening: Based on the qualifications and job criteria, our team evaluates the CVs to establish a shortlist of candidates.

3. Calling Interview: To evaluate the communication skills and job fit of the shortlisted candidates, a phone interview is scheduled.

4. Expert Evaluation: Candidates may go through specialised assessments to determine their expertise in particular industries.

5. work Matching: We link candidates with appropriate work opportunities abroad based on evaluation findings.

6. Help with Interview Preparation: We mentor chosen candidates through the interview preparation process and offer crucial guidance.

7. Visa formalities: For selected individuals, assistance with handling visa procedures is provided.

8. Job placement: Lastly, we assist individuals in getting the positions they want abroad.

We want to make sure that everything goes well and quickly so that people can start successful foreign careers.

Age Restrictions

"Globe N Globe Overseas Manpower Consultants" has an age restriction for job candidates, and persons must be between the ages of 20 and 54 to be considered for employment placements through their agency.

Eligibility for Education

The employment agency accepts applications from both educated and unskilled individuals. Candidates with various educational backgrounds are welcome to apply for positions in all countries. (Note: It May effected To Your Salary & Visa Type)

Eligibility for Experience

Eligibility for Experience: The agency accepts applications from both experienced experts and new prospects. Whether an applicant has prior work experience or is a recent graduate, they are entitled to apply for employment openings in all nations. (Note: It May effected To Your Salary & Visa Type)

Passport Eligibility

Passport Eligibility: ECR (Emigration Check Required) and ECNR (Emigration Check Not Required) passport holders are both eligible to apply for jobs in all countries. It is crucial to remember, however, that the passport type selected may have an impact on the candidate's income and the type of visa given by the host country. (Note: It May effected To Your Salary & Visa Type)

Bank Statement

For employment applications in the United States & Canada applicants must provide a 6-month bank statement as verification. This bank statement demonstrates the candidate's financial stability and ability to support themselves during their first time of employment in these nations.

Provided Facilities

One of the advantages of getting picked by "Globe N Globe Overseas Manpower Consultants" is that candidates are provided with necessary facilities when working abroad. These facilities include food, lodging, transportation, and medical services, ensuring that candidates have a comfortable and secure living experience during their employment term.

Application Procedure

The application procedure is simple and convenient. Candidates can apply online by completing an application form and emailing the needed papers. Following the initial screening, approved candidates will be given a WhatsApp number to use for subsequent communication and updates.

Ticket and Hotel Booking Fees

The cost of a plane ticket and three days of hotel accommodations varies depending on the destination country. The fees range from
1. $200 USD –  For Singapore, Malaysia, Gulf, Sri Lanka & Myanmar Countries
2. $500 USD – United Kingdom, Australia, Mauritius & South Africa Countries
3. $800 USD- Fiji Country
4. $1200 USD – USA & Canada Countries
depending on the country in which the candidate is hired.

Employment Visa Offer

The agency provides selected individuals with a valuable incentive in the form of a free 2-year employment visa and job offer. This means that those selected for work prospects abroad will receive their visa and job placement at no cost.

It is vital to note, however, that candidates must cover the expense of their plane ticket and three days of hotel accommodations. Aside from these expenses, there are no other hidden costs.

Processing Period/ Work Hours & Days/ Application Restrictions

Application Restrictions: In order to ensure a fair and targeted application process, "Globe N Globe Overseas Manpower Consultants" restricts each candidate to applying for just one country and one specific job post.

Application Restrictions

Work Hours and Days: Work hours and days vary by country as follow.

I – 8 To 10 Hours Duty & 6 Days In Week : Singapore, Malaysia, Gulf, Sri Lanka, Myanmar & South Africa ( 2 Hours OT – OverTime )

II – 8 Hours Duty & 5 Days In Week : USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Mauritius & Fiji ( No OT – Over Time )

Work Hours and Days

Agency Processing Period: The processing period for applications varies based on the destination Countries as follow :- I - 3 Months: Singapore, Malaysia, Gulf, Sri Lanka, Myanmar & South Africa II - 6 Months: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Mauritius & Fiji

Processing Period

Required Documents

The required documents are as follow
CV/Resume Scan Copy (Updated)
Passport Scan Copy (Front/Back)
Passport Size Photo (White Background)
Education Scan Copy (If You Have)
Experience Scan Copy (If You Have)
6-Month Bank statement Copy Only For candidates applying to work in the United States & Canada.

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