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Providing Support to Making Indian Passport Only.

Getting an Indian passport is an essential first step in applying for jobs abroad. In order to make the passport application procedure easy and hassle-free, Globe ‘N’ Globe Overseas Manpower Consultants is ready to offer complete help and guidance.

Process Improvements for Passport Applications:
We recognise that filling out all the necessary paperwork and going through all the steps to get a passport might be overwhelming. We streamline the application procedure so that you can save time and effort thanks to the expertise of our committed team.

Our Passport Assistance Services:
Our professionals manage all step of the passport application, from obtaining the required paperwork to precisely filling out the application forms. Every step of the way, we keep you updated to make sure your application is processed quickly.

Procedure for Applications:
Contact us via our website or stop by our office to begin using our Passport Assistance service. Our staff will accompany you throughout the procedure and will walk you through the necessary paperwork.

Pricing Information:
In addition to the usual government fees for applying for a passport, we charge a small fee of $6 USD (around 500 Indian Rupees) for the Providing Support to Making Indian Passport Only service.

By working with Globe ‘N’ Globe Overseas Manpower Consultants, you may easily secure your Indian passport. Let us take care of the paperwork so you can confidently concentrate on looking into overseas job opportunities. Count on our knowledgeable team to make the process of applying for a passport simple and efficient so you can pursue your dream job abroad!

Making Updated International CV

When looking for foreign career prospects, a strong and updated CV is crucial. In order to help you stand out to employers throughout the world, Globe ‘N’ Globe Overseas Manpower Consultants offers professional assistance in developing a CV that shows your abilities, successes, and experience.

The Influence of an Updated CV:
Your likelihood of landing your dream job overseas increases when your qualifications and professional development are well-represented on your CV. We recognise the value of customising your CV to the particular job market and making sure it complies with all applicable international standards and business requirements.

Our Skilled CV Creation Process:
Our skilled staff of CV writers closely collaborates with you to comprehend your professional objectives and accomplishments. We put a lot of effort into compellingly showcasing your qualifications and successes while highlighting how well you fit the roles you’re after.

How to Use the Service:
Visit our office or contact our staff via our website to use the Making Updated International CV service. We’ll walk you through the steps and collect the data required to build your unique CV.

Pricing information:
We are committed to offering premium services at reasonable prices. Just $6 USD (500 Indian Rupees) is required for the Making Updated International CV service. Invest in your future and open up international prospects with a striking CV that is customised to you

With a CV that unlocks doors to intriguing new opportunities, start your international career path right away. Allow Globe ‘N’ Globe Overseas Manpower Consultants to be your partner in creating a strong, modernised CV that will help you succeed on the international job market!

Providing Free Visa & Job (Click Here To Fill Online Application Form)

At Globe ‘N’ Globe Overseas Manpower Consultants, we take pleasure in providing candidates with the chance to land a job abroad without having to pay up front for a visa or job hunting expenditures.

Easy-going Visa and Employment Support:
Imagine obtaining your ideal position abroad without having to incur the expense of a visa or job hunt. Candidates can explore interesting overseas employment chances without worrying about the visa application procedure or job search fees with our Providing Free Visa & Job service.

Pay Only the Selected Country’s Ticket & 3 Days Hotel Booking + Food Cost:

The Total fees range from
1. $200 USD –  For Singapore, Malaysia, Gulf, Sri Lanka & Myanmar Countries
2. $500 USD – United Kingdom, Australia, Mauritius & South Africa Countries
3. $800 USD- Fiji Country
4. $1200 USD – USA & Canada Countries

Candidates just need to pay for their airline ticket to the country they choose in order to take use of this service. We recognise that the upfront costs of moving can be difficult, therefore we try to help candidates by doing away with the requirement for upfront visa and job placement fees.

Initial Form and Document Submission Fee: We charge a little fee of $6 USD (500 Indian Rupees) to begin the application process and begin the process for your job placement and visa. The processing and evaluation of your application form and supporting documents are covered by this cost.

After we successfully assist you in obtaining employment, our agency service fee will only represent 25% of your monthly salary for the first three months of your employment. After this time, there are no more fees or hidden costs. This indicates that after the first three months, you are entitled to receive your full wage without further deductions.

Join Globe ‘N’ Globe Overseas Manpower Consultants today to benefit from our service that provides free visa and employment assistance. Utilise our assistance and direction to open the door to your dream job overseas. You can rely on us to make the trip to worldwide success enjoyable and gratifying with no up-front costs. There’s a job for you abroad!

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